About Me

Dear reader,

My name is Kelly. The website name? A bit of me trying to figure out a creative name that didn’t sound like a resume, and a bit of me trying to find a pun that worked with Kelly. In the end, I decided on Saturn because it’s my favourite sailor soldier from my favourite anime. I ramble like I’m lost in space, or in the rings of the Saturn in this instance! This is a blog about the things that help me take care of me best.

When I read about self-care, it’s always in the context of being productive. To me, self-care is not just about recovery, but about how to sustain yourself in a world that demands you to give. It’s about forgiving yourself and pushing yourself to finally clean off the laundry you’ve been too tired to look at for weeks. Not because you have to, not because it’s the rules, but because you can feel clean again.

I don’t pretend or claim to be a professional. I’ve just learned a lot of things about relationships, care, boundaries that have helped me as a 23-year-old navigating a seemingly endless amount of “unprecedented events.” In writing about these experiences, I hope what I have to share can help you, too.